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More Than Just Office Space

Located in Wilmington, Delaware, serving clients across town and around the world.

When local businesses look for an office in Wilmington DE, Stat Office Solutions always has the perfect office space at the ready. Rather than spending too much money on office space that won't be used, many local companies have already discovered the benefits of virtual office space Wilmington DE businesses can rent through Stat Office Solutions.

Our office space solutions include the following features:

  • STORAGE SPACE:Perfect for businesses that need a place to receive and store packages. We have a limited number of storage rooms where your packages can be stored safely until you're able to pick them up.
  • FULLY FURNISHED SHARED OFFICE SPACE:You won't have to worry about bringing any furnishings or bulky equipment along with you when you need office space. Along with a kitchenette and access to utilities, you'll have private offices and conference rooms available when you need them.
  • PRIVATE DESK WITH PRIVATE DIGITAL UTILITIES:Even though the office space is shared, you never have to worry about the security of your business. You'll have a unique suite number, unique telephone number, high-speed internet access, and a private desk with locked spaces for your files.
  • PHONE SERVICES:With your unique local phone number, you'll also have call forwarding services, 24/7 access to voicemail, and live phone reception during normal business hours.
  • RECEPTION AND ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES:You'll be able to access a private mailbox, but you can also benefit from mail forwarding services, office door signage for deliveries, and a reception area during normal business hours.

Virtual office spaces have become a popular alternative to permanent offices in Wilmington DE. If your business is considering a new office in Wilmington DE, contact Stat Office Solutions today to find out more about our virtual office solutions.